Private Medical Insurance

Give your employees access to healthcare when the need it most

Offering your people Private Medical Insurance (PMI) sends an unequivocal signal that their health & wellbeing are your priority. It speaks volumes about your company’s culture. And as NHS waiting times hit a record high in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, growing numbers of businesses are now considering this important healthcare benefit.

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How does PMI insurance work?

  • You pay a monthly premium and the policy pays out, in line with the policy cover and up to specified benefit limits, for any private treatment your people need.
  • Your employees benefit because they avoid NHS waiting lists and are fast-tracked to expert diagnosis and treatment from experienced doctors and medical professionals – all in the comfortable surroundings of a private hospital.
  • Your business benefits because staff can get back to prime health and work as quickly as possible.
  • Your workforce in general benefits because healthy employees don’t have to cover for co-workers who would otherwise be off sick for longer.

Policy options

There are numerous policy options to choose from and almost as many ways to configure premiums. We can work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and help find the right solution for your business, your people and your budget.

The benefits of Private Healthcare

Loyal and talented employees are the backbone of many rural businesses, which is why prolonged absences can have such a negative impact. But smaller to medium sized businesses are likely to be impacted more acutely by long-term poor health than a large corporate. Big companies can usually reallocate workloads. SMEs are unlikely to have the resources.

So offering Private Medical Insurance, promoting healthy and rapid returns to work, is in everyone’s interest.

Benefits for your business

  • Hugely influential in attracting and retaining talent.
  • Minimal wait times reduce the risk of escalating employee ill health, mitigating costly long-term absences.
  • Protects productivity as health appointments can wrap around business hours.

Benefits for your employees

  • Regularly listed as the most valued benefit in employee surveys.
  • Swift appointments, a private room and hospital and consultant choice are the factors rated most highly by staff.
  • Viewed as an essential ‘executive’ benefit.

Budget considerations

We can help you to minimise premiums, for example by:

  • Conducting a review of the market on your behalf. We have strong relationships with healthcare insurers and are often able to negotiate more preferable rates than are normally available on the open market
  • encouraging take-up across your workforce age profile to help spread the risk.
  • exploring policies that reward healthy lifestyle choices (such as gym attendance) with lower premiums or additional staff benefits.

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To find out more or to discuss your options in more detail, the expert team at CLA Healthcare are on hand to help.

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