Health & Wellbeing in the Rural Sector: Living Longer and Living Well

Thriving physically, mentally, and financially into our later years is an aspiration within reach, thanks to advancements in healthcare and lifestyle choices that have significantly increased life expectancy. As more people embrace the possibility of enjoying a longer and healthier life, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges and opportunities that come with it, particularly for those living and working in the rural sector.

There are two important elements that contribute to living longer and living well in the rural section and that is ensuring quick access to healthcare and helping employees achieve financial stability through a workplace pension.

  1. Private Healthcare: Bridging the Healthcare Gaps

Access to healthcare services can be limited in remote regions, leading to longer travel times and potential delays in receiving essential medical attention. While the National Health Service (NHS) remains a cornerstone of our healthcare provision, the ongoing pressures on the NHS have resulted in an unprecedented number of people waiting for treatment and surgery.

To address these challenges and ensure a high quality of life, Private Medical Insurance (PMI) has become an invaluable ally. PMI provides an extra layer of healthcare that complements the services provided by the NHS, offering a lifeline to those living in rural areas.

PMI typically offers quicker access for consultation or treatment than is typically available through the NHS. In addition, subject to availability and insurer approval, you will have access to a medical specialist of your choice and treatment at a time and place that suits you, minimising any disruption to your business or daily life. Additionally, PMI often includes essential mental health support, addressing the unique stresses linked to agricultural responsibilities, isolation, and seasonal challenges. Recognising that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health, PMI offers an all-encompassing approach to supporting overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Workplace Pensions: Boosting your employees financial wellbeing

Thriving in rural life often means working well into the later years, whether it’s tending to the farm, working in a small business, or offering a lifetime of expertise. Those working in the rural sector are known for their resilience and hard work ethic. Yet, with the prospect of a longer life comes the need for financial security, and this is where workplace pensions for your employees play a key role.

Workplace pensions allow employees to build funds very tax efficiently to help support them, with flexible options, at retirement. It’s not just about retiring; it’s about retiring with dignity and financial independence. Having the right workplace pension in place means employees can help to maintain their standard of living and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

By providing this important benefit, employers contribute to the wellbeing and peace of mind of their workforce.

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