Is now the time to review your healthcare arrangements?

With the current pressures on the NHS, we have seen an increase in the number of CLA members enquiring about Private Healthcare. During these conversations, one of the questions we’re often asked is ‘‘I’m in a buying group for my healthcare cover: will my premiums go up if I go elsewhere?’’.

Well the answer is not necessarily. Clearly there may be advantages to sourcing a service – healthcare or otherwise – through a buying group that might not be achieved elsewhere. But my response to members who ask this question is always ‘’when did you last review your healthcare policy?’’.

Invariably, they haven’t. They feel assured that by being part of a collective group, they will be accessing the best level of cover for the best price. That may be the case, but I would always encourage a quick review to check that the policy you have in place continues to offer the right level of cover for you, your family and in the case of businesses, your employees, at an appropriate price

Following the pandemic and with the increased priority people are now placing upon their health and wellbeing, we’ve seen many private medial insurers adapt their cover and introduce valued added benefits such as virtual GPs, mental health support and enhanced wellbeing services.

In the same way that it pays to shop around for your car insurance or home insurance, the healthcare insurance market too is competitive and constantly changing. So it makes sense to review your policy annually to check you’re covered for the things you need and aren’t paying for things you don’t.

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

  1. First and foremost, when was the last time you reviewed your arrangements?
  2. Do you know what you are actually covered for under your current policy?
  3. And knowing that, does this level of cover continue to suit you (and where appropriate, your family and/or employees) and offer you what you need?
  4. Does your current cover represent good value or could you reduce your premium without reducing your cover?
  5. Does your health cover provide you with any other benefits that can support your health & wellbeing?

If you’re not sure on the answers, then its probably time for a review.


Dedicated healthcare services for CLA members

The good news is that as a member benefit, CLA Healthcare offers to review members’ existing Private Medical Insurance options at no cost, as well as discussing options with those buying for the first time. We’ll be able to review the market on your behalf, including for members who currently purchase their healthcare cover through a buying group.

Last year, we saved CLA members on average 27% on their annual healthcare premium. Speak to our expert team to see how we can help you.


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