Case Studies

CLA Member, Gloucestershire

My husband and I were very impressed by the service provided by CLA Healthcare. Their representative explained clearly how the health insurance sector works. They gave us all the information we needed to be able to make our own comparisons between different health care providers. This is a complicated field and I would have felt unable to negotiate my way through it without the assistance and professional expertise she provided.

This may sound elementary, but it’s surprising how many people you deal with over the telephone don’t do this: the advisors at CLA Healthcare spoke clearly and slowly and was not patronizing and engaged with me as a person rather than reading from a script.

CLA Member, Sussex

As a member of the CLA, I am delighted that I was introduced to you. You have negotiated on my behalf a significant discount to the existing premium without even needing to change the insurer and without any loss of cover. I appreciated your knowledge and integrity and would be happy to recommend your service.

CLA Member, Hertfordshire

The service CLA Healthcare provided when dealing with my renewal was fantastic.
My dedicated advisor had great knowledge and experience in the medical insurance market.

When discussing my personal preferences my requirements were accommodated and my concerns addressed professionally.

The ultimate result was a wonderful saving on my policy premium and the assurance I now have a large experienced broker assisting in the handling and administration of my policy. For such a great service to be provided with such little fuss is a wonderful benefit, I recommend the services of CLA Healthcare to all my fellow CLA Members.

CLA Member, Cheshire

Like many others we are plagued by nuisance telephone calls and emails. I followed up on this one only because of previous good service from the CLA.

When I first received a call I was sceptical that they could reduce our family medical insurance, especially as my wife and I had ongoing serious medical treatments and I wanted to ensure that these would not be compromised. However as we had lost our No Claims adjustment and the premiums had risen significantly I decided to go ahead.

I was reassured that throughout my dealings with CLA Healthcare communication was professionally carried out by telephone with answers to all my questions confirmed in writing by email.

The result was well beyond my expectation. A simple restructure of benefits saved me over £2,500 and I could stay with my current provider.

In retrospect I am extremely glad I followed this process with CLA Healthcare through and based upon the savings made I would recommend the service to anyone in a similar situation.

CLA Member, Staffordshire

It was a pleasure when making a phone call to a company with whom I have never contacted before, to find people so easy and helpful to converse with.

Help was immediate, and questions that couldn’t be answered at once were swiftly looked into. Replies came swiftly. To have a company working for my benefit is a delight and I thank them most sincerely.
I approached them again to help my husband with his medical insurance, they offered sensible financial advice. Well done.

CLA Member, Hampshire

Thank you so much for spending the time to understand my AXA Health history and to get the premium reduced. I look forward to talking to you next year if you can help again, if that is how it works. What a useful thing it is being a CLA member. I joined recently because I wanted to be up to date & informed in regard to farming policy etc. as we head towards Brexit. I had no idea there were other member benefits like this.

CLA Member, Lincolnshire

As a member of the CLA I have been delighted with one of the benefits they’ve been able to offer us, namely the free services of their healthcare agency. Having approached them with details of an existing group policy, CLA Healthcare talked me through the whole process and have done all the legwork in significantly reducing the cost of cover at the same time as ensuring we keep the same benefits that we previously enjoyed. I would recommend CLA Healthcare’s services to anybody looking for private healthcare and will certainly be using him again myself.

CLA Member, Northumberland

CLA Healthcare provided a fantastic service, the advice was clear, the approach was personal and the results extraordinary. If you are considering Private Medical insurance or are interested in a review I recommend CLA Healthcare.

CLA Member, North Yorkshire

I would just like to say how very helpful CLA Healthcare has been in advising us about Health Insurance. They have been most efficient and extremely polite in the way they dealt with my enquiries and may I say very patient. It’s a joy to be able to write to a firm and say how good someone is rather than the other way around.

CLA Member, Cambridgeshire

We contacted CLA Healthcare following the Health Insurance Company we had been with for several years doubling our premiums. We found CLA Healthcare to be completely professional at all times. They were very thorough and friendly and helped us secure the Health Insurance to suit us. We would and have already recommended them to others.

Mark Tufnell

Mark Tufnell, CLA Deputy President and Chairman of the Board, contacted CLA Healthcare to discuss his Private Medical Insurance (PMI). He already had individual cover in place and wanted to add an employee onto his existing policy. But as this was an individual policy and the employee was not one of Mark’s dependents, this wasn’t possible.

Instead, we advised Mark that the best option would be to set up separate healthcare cover for his employee. However after speaking with Mark at a CLA event, it became apparent that there were other members of staff within his business who could potentially benefit from PMI cover too.

So we carried out a full and independent review of the market for a business policy which would include Mark and his family plus five additional employees. Due to the need for continuation of his existing PMI, we negotiated with his current insurer to transfer cover from an individual policy to a group policy. This offered Mark and his family the same level of cover and comprehensive benefits as they had previously enjoyed as well as extending healthcare to five employees and only for a small increase on what was already being paid for his family membership.

‘’Private medical insurance is something that I value hugely. Not only for myself and my family but importantly, for the people working within my business. It offers peace of mind that access to a diagnosis and medical treatment is quickly available when it’s needed most. By working with the CLA Healthcare team, I have been able to extend private healthcare cover to my workforce for much less than I had ever imagined, providing them with an employee benefit that they truly appreciate. As far as I’m concerned, that investment is money well spent’’.

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