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Employee health and wellbeing has risen up the agenda for many businesses. Organisations are recognising that focusing on promoting good workplace wellbeing can prevent some more health conditions from arising in the first place or before they become too serious. This in turn can improve employees’ health and happiness, lead to increased productivity and reduced absences due to ill health and improve your bottom line. In short, looking after your employees’ wellbeing is good for business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the value we place on our health. And as we start the process of returning back to the workplace, many people are alarmed that NHS waiting lists are predicted to hit 10 million by the end of the year. Recent research has revealed that:

Source:  *NHS confederation & **Cancer Research

So what proactive steps can CLA business members take to support their workplace health & wellbeing?

There are lots of options available to employers, ranging in price and the range of benefits and advice available. Read more about some of the most popular options and how they may benefit your business.

CLA Healthcare offer a independent review of your existing employee benefit and healthcare arrangements. Or if you are considering providing company-paid health benefits for the first time, we can assess your needs and carry out a market review on your behalf. We provide independent and impartial advice and we’re trusted by many business members already to create a benefits strategy that meets their individual needs and budget.

We can support you with a tailored benefits programme that can adapt with you as your business needs change.


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