The top health and wellbeing priorities for CLA members in 2022

All aspects of wellbeing have had a shake-up over the past two years, but one lesson that has been reinforced is the need to take good care of ourselves – physically and mentally.

From our regular conversations with members, here are some of the health priorities for the year ahead.

  1. Improving oral health

Poor oral health can lead to discomfort, pain and potentially store up problems for the future. Dentists can help to spot early signs of cancer and diabetes, however, seeing a dentist and/or hygienist regularly can be easier said than done.

Access to NHS dental services has been severely impacted by the pandemic. The British Dental Association reported that over 38 million appointments have been lost since lockdown.

Why not consider dental insurance which covers emergencies and accidents, as well as both NHS and private care costs.

  1. Reducing your cancer risk

Delays in cancer treatment caused by the pandemic could take until 2033[1] to clear. Unsurprisingly this is a cause of concern for many.

  • Taking a proactive approach to wellbeing is essential in cancer prevention and steps we can all take include, eating well, staying active and keeping a check on our alcohol consumption. Cancer Research has published some small changes that can improve our daily health –


  • Give yourself an MOT. Identifying health problems – like cancer – early can help to get the right treatment in place faster. Visit your GP for a check-up or speak to CLA Healthcare to arrange a private health screen.


  • Fast access to treatment. Now may be the time to invest in your health; solutions such as Virtual GPs and Private Medical Insurance (PMI) can help with the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our independent experts can help find the right cover for you, your family or your business.


  • Get emotional support. Whether you are living with cancer or supporting someone who is, it’s important to get the emotional support you need. Many organisations – including Macmillan – provide free helplines where you can get advice and share your concerns. If you have Private healthcare, cancer support services are often included as part of your policy.
  1. Boost your mental health

It’s widely recognised that those living and working in rural communities face challenges that can impact their mental wellbeing; social isolation, long working hours, and money worries are just a few.

There are simple but effective steps that we can take to boost our mental wellbeing including:

  • Establish a routine
  • Make time to talk
  • Eat well
  • Take a break
  • Keep moving

It’s also important to ask for help. Speak to friends and family or organisations such as Mind or the Samaritans who offer confidential support.

For business members, consider putting in place benefits such as an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) or Virtual GP to help employees.


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